Terms & Conditions
Cottonfield Creations

  1. Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to advertise any work done for any individual / company for the benefit of Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd.
  2. This document and the information in it are provided in confidence, and may not be disclosed to any third party or used for any other purpose without the express written permission of Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd.
  3. All products including artwork remain the property of Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd until paid in full.
  4. All quotations are prepared with the utmost accuracy, errors and omissions excluded.
  5. All quotations are valid for 14 (fourteen) days from date of quotations.
  6. All quotations exclude design fees.
  7. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  8. All rush jobs will carry no guarantee and the full amount is payable upfront.
  9. All designing will carry a minimum fee of R150.00 if artwork is not supplied in coral draw 5 & up or pdf.
  10. Responsibility of products changes over to the client once the product leaves the premises and Cottonfied Creations (Pty) Ltd indemnifies itself from any claims arising hereof.
  11. Any products delivered by Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd cannot carry a guarantee against climate and weather conditions, but not limited to, wind, hail, rain etc. It is the responsibility of the client to insure themselves for the products and insure themselves for the public liability for any damage or loss that may be caused by the products.
  12. Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd will not release any products unless the entire amount is settled prior to the collection / delivery.
  13. Any items not paid for within 2 (two) months will then be handled over for debt collection, with all collection fees, attorney fees, interest and original debt for the client's account.
  14. Any items not collected within 7 (seven) days of completion will no longer carry a guarantee against damage, loss or theft and the client leaves all products at Cottonfield Creations (Pty) Ltd at the client’s own risk and responsibility.
  15. All jobs require a 50% deposit before any any artwork or production may continue. Once work has been completed, the balance of the job must be settled whilst or prior to collecting / delivering the goods. No products will be released or delivered without full settlement / payment of the invoice. There will be no exceptions.
  16. No cheques will be accepted.
  17. No refunds will be made.
  18. Design fees charged are applicable to 3 changes only, further changes will be added for additional charges.
  19. Artwork approvals: Every job will have proofs for each item on the job. No work will commence unless there are signed off proofs / written confirmation for each job ordered. Further reprints will not need sign-off proofs if no details have changed.
  20. All artwork must be checked diligently and thoroughly for any mistakes by typing errors etc. Should artwork be signed off incorrectly by the client or person nominated by the client, the responsibility for any mistakes then lies on the client. Cottonfied Creations (Pty) Ltd will not be held accountable for any errors or mistakes once the client has signed off / given written confirmation for the proofs.
  21. Please take note that colours may differ from signed-off proofs due to different printing processes.
  22. Any products printed incorrectly due to incorrect artwork approved by client, will if requested, be reprinted at the cost of the client.
  23. Please take note that production takes 5-7 working days for completion (depending on stock availability) once artwork has been signed-off and payment reflects on bank statement / proof of payment has been received.
  24. Should an order take longer than 7 working days, the client will be notified prior to approval of order taking place.

By undertaking, provided or ordering any work or products from Cottonfied Creations (Pty) Ltd,
you therefore adhere to, agree to and understand all terms and conditions stated above.

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